+ How do I book and guarantee my party date and time?

When you decide to allow Premier Princess Entertainment to elevate your event or party, go to Book Now! to choose your date, select your desired character, and pay a nonrefundable $25 deposit. We can book as far out as 6 months, though several weeks in advance is customary. Don't hesitate to contact us with a last minute party to see if we're available!

+ What if I have to cancel?

If you cancel your party due to weather or any other circumstance, the deposit is nonrefundable. However, we would be more than happy to work with you to reschedule!

+ Is there a travel fee?

Travel costs are included for parties within the city limits of Colorado Springs. For parties outside this area, we may charge a modest travel fee based on time and distance. Contact us for details.

+ How and when do I pay?

When you schedule your party online, you will have the option of paying the $25 deposit or paying the full amount at checkout. To pay remaining balances, you can pay in person the day of your event, or you can pay online in our Store tab by selecting your party package and entering promo code DEPOSIT25 at checkout.

+ How do I use my Diamond Dollars?

Diamond Dollars are as good as cash! Learn how to use them here!

+ How many children can participate?

Our birthday and mermaid party packages are designed for 10 children or less, including the birthday child. In order to offset the costs of extra prizes and time, we charge $5 for each additional participant.

Our Royal Tea Party is designed for 8 guests. To offset the costs of prizes and treats, we charge $10 for each additional participant.

Infants or toddlers are generally not included as they are too young to participate.

+ Can we celebrate two children at the same time?

Absolutely! Depending on which package you choose, we charge an additional fee to offset the cost of the extra crown or gift.

+ Can we have more than one princess?

Two princesses are better than one! An additional princess character costs $75. The availability of two or more princess characters depends on the availability of our costumes and actresses. Contact us to determine the availability of multiple characters for your event.

+ Where does a princess party take place?

Most of our parties take place in your home. Our princess will come right to your door! Other times, the princesses travel to the event space of your choice.

+ Can we book a princess for an outdoor event?

Yes, you may book your outdoor event except when the temperature exceeds 90 degrees or the event space is wet from a recent rain fall or snow. At park parties, please make sure there is cool shade for the performer since they are wearing heavy costumes and wigs. The area must be free of thorny bushes, mud, snow, or standing water.

+ What does the princess do at the party?

The princess’s activities depend on which package you select. You can learn about the packages and activities on our packages page.

+ Should I tip my princess?

Tipping is never required, but please feel free to tip what you believe your performer deserves. Typically, the party host tips each performer $20-100. Our performers greatly appreciate your generosity as they spend many years of training to perfect their craft and many hours to prepare for each party.

Don't see the princess you want? We are currently working on a few additional princesses and actresses. Contact us with an inquiry as to your desired princess, and we will discuss the possibility and availability of that princess for your event.


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