Introducing Lina Ramirez

We are thrilled to announce our newest cast member!

Lina Ramirez

Lina Ramirez is an accomplished actress and a veteran Princess performer. She has worked for Princess entertainment companies over the past several years, playing numerous roles. We couldn't be more excited to welcome such an experienced and talented actress to our company! 

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Premier Princess: Why do you like being a Party Princess?

Lina Ramirez: I love being a party princess because I love bringing a little bit of magic to a child’s day. There is nothing more beautiful than watching a child’s eyes light up as I walk through the door. 

PP: Is that the highlight of Princess performing?

Ramirez: I think it’s helping a child realize a dream and giving them a memory that will last forever. 

PP: That's such a powerful influence we have as Princess performers.
What was your most memorable party experience? 

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Ramirez: My most memorable party experience was my first party as Elena, or “Latina Princess”. The little girl was so excited to meet another Latina princess! Her mom thanked me in tears after the party, which made me cry. It was so important to her that her daughter felt represented, and the fact that I had helped with that was amazing. 

PP: That is amazing! Who is your favorite character to play and why?

Ramirez: Elena for sure, with Moana being a close second. I love being able to teach my culture and language to children and to show them how beautiful other cultures can be. Elena is also so much fun. She has a great personality so she requires a lot of energy and I love bringing that to people. 

PP: You are beautiful as the Latina Princess! But even beautiful princesses make mistakes. What was your biggest Princess party blunder?

Ramirez: Oh dear. Well, I ADORE babies. If there is a baby at a party I will practically beg the parents to let me hold and take a picture with the baby. There was one particular baby...the cutest little boy I had ever seen, big green eyes, curly blonde hair...just a heartbreaker. His mom let me hold him and I was bouncing him on my lap to make him smile for a picture and just as his mom said, "Be careful, he just ate!", he puked all over me! And I still had one other party that day! 

PP: Oh my goodness! Well, that's what dry cleaning is for, right?
So what would you consider is your "agenda"? Meaning, what do you hope the children at your parties take away from their meeting with you?

Ramirez: I want to be able to teach kids that being a princess isn’t just wearing pretty dresses and going to balls and meeting a prince. It’s about responsibility and kindness. My favorite thing to tell little girls is 'Remember what Cinderella said, “Have courage and be kind."' And I think that’s so important. 

PP: It is important! What a message to pass on to children.
Who is your favorite Princess? 

Ramirez: Belle!!! I have loved her since I was 5. I’ve always been a bookworm and I relate to her so much. I love the lesson she teaches and how strong she is. 

PP: Belle is an incredibly strong Princess! Who can forget how she sacrificed herself for her father? Can we assume Beauty and the Beast is your favorite Disney movie? 

Ramirez: Absolutely! But I can sing every Disney song, from any Disney animated movie. Request a song, I know it, I promise. 

PP: We believe you!

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We're so glad to have such an inspiring and talented Princess join our selective cast! Be sure to watch out for her upcoming characters and availability!