A Look at Our Photoshoots: Beauty Princess

Coloradans love Colorado! A true Coloradan can't help but recognize our landmarks and terrain when we see it! That said, we get so many questions about where our photoshoots for our princesses were taken-- I bet half of you natives can guess! 

First, our Beauty Princess.


Who can recognize this fountain? If you guessed The Broadmoor, then congratulations! You win! When we brainstormed about where to photograph our Beauty Princess, we wanted to find some place elegant and rich-looking. The Beauty Princess needed a castle-like environment to showcase our costumer's exquisite work. The Broadmoor was the obvious Colorado Springs' gem to use as the backdrop for our refined Beauty! 


We were thrilled to find this gorgeous ballroom opened and unattended when we arrived! Can't you see the Beast whirling our Beauty around in this luxurious space?

.   .   .