A Look at Our Photoshoots: Ice Queen

Coloradans love Colorado! A true Coloradan can't help but recognize our landmarks and terrain when we see it! That said, we get so many questions about where our photoshoots for our princesses were taken-- I bet half of you natives can guess! 

Next up, our Ice Queen! 


Where was the snow this winter? This rare dusting down south inspired a spontaneous and rushed photoshoot to capture our Ice Queen in her snowy environment. But where did we go? The red rocks are familiar, and I know what you're thinking. If you guessed Garden of the Gods, you're not far off! Just on the other side of Highway 24 there is Red Rock Canyon Trail, which served as our icy backdrop! Does it look like Norway? Not exactly, but we're proud to bring the Ice Queen's storm to Colorado! 


This photoshoot was particularly cold for our actress! By the time the shoot was over, she was limping in her shoes, blaming frozen toes! 

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