Introducting Megan Michelle

Join us in welcoming one of our newest cast members

Megan Michelle

Megan Michelle is extremely proactive and present in the Colorado Springs theatre community. A director, designer, founder, organizer, teacher, and mother, we’re lucky to claim some of her valuable time as an incredible Scottish Princess!

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Premier Princess: We couldn’t be happier to add you to our princess squad! What are you most excited about, now that you are an official Premier Princess?

Megan Michelle: I am excited to make magic for kids. I know that my own kids always want to take their picture with me, and they love seeing their favorite princesses come to life, I can't wait to do that for others as well.

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 PP: The kids of the mothers who work with us are lucky kiddos! Who else gets to claim their mom’s are princesses? Speaking of, who would you say is your favorite Disney Princess and why?

Michelle: Belle was always my favorite princess because she loves to read, and I do too. I also just loved the practicality of her story, she was just a regular person, and her capacity to see the good in people is inspiring.


 PP: What an insightful takeaway from Belle! What do you hope children take away from meeting you?

Michelle: I hope that children see us and believe that they can do anything. I want to both affirm any belief in magic, and inspire dreams. 

PP: Those are amazing and impactful messages for kids! As princesses, we have the opportunity to be a child’s earlier memory or experience with a princess. What is your earliest princess memory?

Michelle: Beauty and the Beast was the first movie that I saw in the theater. My sister was with me, and to this day we talk about how much the story meant to us, but also that we got to share that experience. 

 PP: What a special experience to share with a sibling! Princess encounters can hold the same significance when shared with the family. We don’t just focus on the birthday child, but all the children present!
Now, to change gears, a very important mission for us is representation in princesses. Tell us about what representation means to you.

Michelle: I grew up with Aurora, Belle, Cinderella, and Jasmine, and was always intrigued by Jasmine's cultural differences. I wondered if there would ever be a princess with pale skin and freckles, because that was how I looked. I admit that I became accustomed to seeing a certain type of princess, and trying to relate in a way that I could. I believe that if we are going to tell stories, and we want to draw in all types of children, then we need to broaden our perspective, and tell a wider variety of stories. This does not just mean princesses who are different races, genders, or orientations, but also who come from rich cultures. I think that inclusivity and reliability are important to expose kids to at a young age. 

 PP: That’s so true. It ultimately comes down to representing multiple different cultures and races rather than just focusing on a select few. How long have you been performing?:

A: I started performing in high school; as a dancer, I was more drawn toward musicals and children's theatre. One of my favorite roles was Little Bo Peep, in a show we toured to elementary schools. 

 Q: Who is your favorite Disney Villain?

A: This one is really tough, I like that the villain in Pocahontas is really more hatred or close-mindedness than any particular person. We get to see two different perspectives on the same situation, and both parties cannot understand the other. This insight into fear and the dangers of group-think, and mob-mentality are very applicable to real life. Often the villains we encounter are not people themselves, but ideas. 

Q: What is your favorite Disney song to sing?

A: I love to see "Part of Your World", and I think the song is just called "Belle", where she walks through the town. I call these the "I Want" songs, the ones where the princesses dream about a different life. I also really love "I Won't Say I'm in Love", that Meg sings in Hercules. Basically, I love to sing princess songs!

 PP: You’re in the right business! So do we! Alright, now lightning round: Favorite color?

Michelle: My favorite color has always been green, but I also really like purple, and a sky blue. 


PP: Forgive us for saying, but you look fantastic in green! Favorite sweet?

Michelle: I'm more of a savory girl, but if I had to choose, dark chocolate.

PP: A healthy and inspiring choice! Tell us something about you that you would love for parents to know: 

Michelle: As a parent myself, I place a lot of importance on pretend play and imagination. I teach high school, and many kids have lost a sense of their own creativity by then. I would hope to foster that in young kids, and encourage them to continue to dream, play, and imagine. I know I still am. 

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We’re so lucky to have such a talented and warm actress in our cast! Don’t miss an opportunity to have Megan Michelle at your next event or party!

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