Introducing Ambrosia Feess-Armstrong

We’re so excited to announce our newest cast member!

Ambrosia Feess-Armstrong

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Ambrosia is a professional local Colorado Springs actress who has graced many theatre stages in a last few years. We’re so happy to add such a soulful and empowering actress to our team!

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Premier Princess: We couldn’t be more excited to have you! What are you most excited about, now that you are an official Premier Princess? 

Ambrosia Feess-Armstrong: I'm excited to encourage children to dream big. Whether they want to be a princess or a doctor, I want them to believe anything is possible. 

PP: We absolutely agree. What an important message to encourage. We can’t help thinking of Tiana when we think of hard working princesses who dream big! Who is your favorite Disney Princess and why? 

Feess-Armstrong: I have a very specific favorite princess: Cinderella is my favorite but the 1997 live-action Cinderella with Brandy. She's my favorite because she was the first princess I saw growing up who actually looked like me. I could identify with her and realized I could be a princess too. 

PP: We love Brandy’s Cinderella! Children seeing themselves in a princess and realizing they are important and seen is our mission here. Tell us about what representation in the princess world means to you.

Feess-Armstrong: Representation in general lies very near and dear to my heart. As a performer I take in to consideration what sort of representation each character portrays before I take on a role. Children need to see fictional worlds that are just as diverse as our own. So when it comes to representation in the princess world I believe it's priceless. I cried when I saw Tiana in "The Princess and the Frog." I was 9 years old, past the princess stage and crying in a theater because other than [Brandy’s] Cinderella I didn't see myself as a princess. I believe children shouldn't have to wait that long to see themselves. So I'm grateful beyond words to get to be a princess and represent the beautiful growing diversity in the princess world. 

PP: We are so grateful to be able to add your unique perspective and experience to this company. What do you hope children take away from meeting you? 

Feess-Armstrong: I hope that children will believe that there's magic in our world, it just manifests itself a little differently than in the movies, and to dream big. 

PP: Spoken like a true princess! As a princess character, you will be many children’s first princess memory! What is your earliest princess experience?

Feess-Armstrong: I grew up watching pretty much every Disney movie released from 1937 until now. I don't have one singular memory but I can tell you my mom is definitely tired of me howling along to all the songs. 

PP: Okay, we’ve heard you sing and we don’t think anyone could describe your voice as “howling!” You sound like a trained professional! How long have you been performing?: 

Feess-Armstrong: I began performing in church choir when I was very young, I assume around 5 or 6. Then I took a long hiatus to play soccer until I was 11. I was in eighth grade the first time I did a play, then acted/danced throughout high school and now I have an AA in Theatre and work professionally as an actor. 

PP: That’s a long run of performing! Your experience truly shows when you sing and act. What is your favorite Disney song to sing? 

Feess-Armstrong: Now, see here, I'm terrible about picking favorites but some songs I find myself singing a lot are "I'll Make a Man Out of You" (Mulan), "I Won't Say" (Hercules), and "God Help the Outcast" (Hunchback of Notre Dame). 

PP: Those ones are amazing! We swear, sing any of those songs and they’ll be stuck in our heads for a week. So if Cinderella is your favorite princess, who is your favorite Disney Villain? 

Feess-Armstrong: Honestly... I like the Villains more than the Princesses... Sorry. I love all the Villains but top five: Mother Gothel (Tangled), Maleficent (Sleeping Beauty), Hades (Hercules), Horned King (The Black Cauldron), and Dr. Facilier (The Princess and the Frog).

PP: Villains over princesses! We’ll have to try to forgive you for that! Now, speed round. Favorite color?

Feess-Armstrong: Golden Yellow, Millennial Pink and grey. 

PP: We’ll have to look up what Millennial Pink is! Favorite sweet?

Feess-Armstrong: I actually don't really like sweets but fresh berries are a stable in my life.

PP: She likes villains, she doesn’t have a sweet tooth… what next? Fun or funny fact? 

Feess-Armstrong: Fun(ny) fact: When I first told my mother I wanted to be a performer she told me I'd make a perfect horror film actress due to my perfect bloodcurling scream.

bos scream.jpg

PP: Ha! Okay, that’s great. We’ll have to ask you to show us sometime! Now, tell us something about you that you would love for parents to know:  

Feess-Armstrong: My goal is to make your child feel important, empowered and a bit magical. This job is a dream and I want to make sure that your child's special day is full of magic and nothing less than a dream come true. 

We so happy to have such a wonderful addition to our selective cast! Watch out for pictures of her characters coming soon!