Every package includes an in-house consultation with our actress. She will assess the space, go over the decided upon package, and discuss any technology or parent participation required. This is when parent(s) will sign contract and give deposit. 

Meet and Greet: 
Princess takes the time to meet each child individually and present everyone with a name tag. 

Musical Performance: 
Princess sings character song along with celebrated child and guests.

Photo Opportunity: 
This time is specifically set aside for any photos the parent(s) desire. Princess can pose with each child individually and as a group. 

Princess teaches party guests ceremonial etiquette such as curtseying, bowing, and waving. Then she leads a Princess coronation highlighting the celebrated child by presenting a crown, and also allowing everyone involved to become honorary princesses and princes. 

Princess leads party guests in a series of interactive, age appropriate games. Some packages include a prize or small gift for every participant. 

Interactive Story-Time: 
Princess reads character story book, involving and engaging the party-goers. 

Memento Card: 
Child will receive a personalized, autographed card from Princess in the mail after the event, thanking them for letting her celebrate their special day with them.